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A week doesn’t go by without someone asking if PHP is dead? They usually ask this question because they have read about another language that they assume will overtake it or they read about a feature in PHP that’s not as good as in another language.

My short answer is an emphatic NO. My long asnwer is the remainder of this article. PHP is a language that I as well as many others, use every day. It is installed on millions of machines! Let’s take an extreme case example where PHP was being replaced, it would be sometime before every machine would be updated. Secondly, even if noone was going to write new PHP code, people are still needed to maintain the code on these millions of instances.

Speed has been a frequent complaint. However, with the release of version 7, this is less so.

PHP is used by some very large organisations. Facebook and WordPress both use PHP and while they continue to do so, this will help php to maintain its popularity.

PHP is available on all Linux hosting packages and without any extra cost.